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A little About me: 

A shelter is no place for this working dog's active brain! Lara the Kelpie cross Cattle dog is seeking a new adventure; after trying out the city life and discovering it just wasn't for her, she is ready to run and play on greener pastures. Lara's ideal human will have some experience with working breeds and plenty of time to dedicate to training and games to keep this lively and attentive girl occupied. You need only mention the words 'tennis ball' and this young pooch's eyes light up! While fetch is definitely a favourite, Lara would thrive on the challenge of new and more complex activities like learning agility or herding. Positive and consistent training will suit Lara's tender and amenable character best, and will be a great way for her to bond with her new family. Though a rural property with endless rolling hills would be grand, Lara would do equally well in a large backyard provided with adequate mental stimulation and opportunities for walks and runs around the neighbourhood. Secure fencing (that's 6 foot colourbond or paling please!) will be important in her new digs as Lara has proven herself an agile canine at times. Lara's high energy may be a bit overwhelming for small children, so a more mature family might be best. Here at the shelter Lara has had some positive interactions with other pooches, but she does sometimes forget her manners and frighten off potential friends. Moving at a slow pace and creating positive and safe introductions, Lara should have no trouble learning how to politely greet new furry friends. Looking for a sweet and spirited working dog? Lara would love to meet you!

Lara's Info: 

Type:  Dog 
Breed:  Kelpie cross Australian Cattledog 
Colour/s:  Blue Black None 
Sex:  Female 
Age:  2 Years 0 Months 3 Weeks (approx) 
Size:  Medium 
Desexed:  Yes 
Health check:  Yes 
Vaccinated:  Yes 
Wormed:  Yes 
Adoption Price:  $350
Animal ID:  60039
Location:  Kemps Creek Shelter
Phone:  02 8777 4445