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A little About me: 

You may have guessed by her wiggling bottom and greeting "kisses" that Cheetah is a most affable lady! Reaching her middle years, Cheetah is looking for that laid back lifestyle; a daily meander about the neighbourhood, Friday night movies at home on the couch, and sleep ins on Sundays are all up Cheetah's alley. Cheetah is a clever girl with plenty of potential for learning cool new tricks with her forever family. While a daily amble up the road and a game of backyard soccer will help to burn her physical energy, most important will be plenty of enrichment, such as long-lasting treats and puzzle toys, to keep her mind happy and healthy. Cheetah will benefit most from a family that is willing to provide an inside/outside lifestyle as she craves regular human interaction. A safe space inside the home will be especially important if there is ever a storm or fireworks; Cheetah's fear of these loud disturbances has caused her to jump fences in the past, so we want to be certain her stress will be managed in future to ensure her safety and wellbeing. Her phobias aside, Cheetah is a very sociable lady and will enjoy joining in on family occasions. While she has met some fellow pooches here at the shelter, Cheetah isn't too keen on making canine friends, preferring to hang out with us humans. Though she wouldn't enjoy the dog park, she is a well-mannered girl on lead and very easily managed around other dogs. If you think you could offer the cosy and inclusive family life that Cheetah longs for, please come and meet her at the shelter. She can't wait to woo you with her warm eyes and wagging tail!

Cheetah's Info: 

Type:  Dog 
Breed:  Staffi 
Colour/s:  Black None 
Sex:  Female 
Age:  6 Years 6 Months 1 Week  
Size:  Medium 
Desexed:  Yes 
Health check:  Yes 
Vaccinated:  Yes 
Wormed:  Yes 
Adoption Price:  $200
Animal ID:  59876
Location:  Kemps Creek Shelter
Phone:  02 8777 4445