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Behavioural service


The AWL Behavioural Department is regarded as one of the most qualified in Australia. The professional team brings a variety of skills to the organisation allowing AWL to provide an appropriate assessment and training to animals in our shelters.

We believe that every animal is special and have own individual needs. Because of this the Behavioural team will tailor their assessments and training programs to help cats and dogs through their issues which may be preventing them from being rehomed.

Socialisation and rehabilitation training

AWL behaviourists and trainers only use approved positive reinforcement methods (reward based training). We are advocates of operant conditioning techniques though we never use force or intimidation to train our animals. We use every opportunity to spread the word about contemporary and peaceful means of behaviour modification techniques.

Behaviour department staff stay 'cutting edge' with their education by attending most conferences and seminars in the behaviour field and have qualifications in a diverse range of animal behaviour skills and memberships in most of the animal behaviour industry.

Our team tailor a unique Behaviour Modification Programme for all our animals that require behavioural adjustment to make them more adoptable or to adapt to the shelter environment.

We work on behavioural and environmental enrichment for all our animals to ensure that they are happy and healthy at all times.

As well as providing the best of care to cats and dogs during their stay at our shelters, the AWL Behaviour Department is also on hand to provide advice if needed post-adoption. If you have adopted a dog or cat from AWL NSW and need some behaviour advice, please email us

AWL is not able to provide personalised behaviour consulting for pets not adopted from us, however recommends our ambassador Dr Joanne Righetti for expert advice on cat and dog behavour.