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Animal Welfare League NSW Directors


We wish to update members with details on the current directors of the Animal Welfare League NSW Board.  They include:


  • Christine Richardson (President)
  • Audrey McGeown (Vice President and Chair of the Audit and Building Committees)
  • Shawn Skyring*
  • Glyn Boobyer (Vice President and Chair of the Animal Welfare Committee)
  • Deb Cox*
  • Christopher Adamson*
  • David Hope (Chair of the Risk Committee)


Those marked with an * are casual directors appointed by the Board to fill positions vacated since the last election of directors.  Under the Constitution, casual directors will remain until the next election of directors, when they must vacate their position.  The Board thanks the casual directors for volunteering their time, to contribute to the work of AWL NSW caring for abandoned and neglected animals.