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Desexing your pets


Desexing is recommended for all animals. Desexing is recommended from 4 months of age for kittens and 5 months of age for puppies.

Desexing your pet has several advantages:

Female pets:

  • Prevention unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevention unwanted oestrus signs e.g. vaginal discharge 
  • Decreased risk of mammary cancer 
  • Prevention ovarian cancer
  • Prevention of pyometra 

Male pets:

  • Reduced aggression and roaming
  • Reduced prostate problems
  • Prevention of testicular problems

Desexing is a routine day procedure. If your pet is coming for a desexing procedure please read the following information.


Please withhold food from 10pm onwards the night before. Water is allowed at all times.


Admission is between 8.30am and 9.30am on the day of the surgery. Please book an admission time with our staff. At admission our staff will ensure your pet is healthy to undergo surgery. There is a short questionnaire and consent form to be completed.

Phone (02) 8899 3333 or email us to book in your pet.

If you are a low income earner you may be eligible for our discount desexing program, please see this page for more information.