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Discount Desexing


Animal Welfare League NSW runs a discount desexing program for low income earners via volunteer Branches around the State.

Each Branch runs their own program individually, so you will need to contact your closest Branch directly to find out if you are eligible, what the costs are and any other relevant information.

The discount desexing program is intended to help lessen the amount of animals being bred who end up in pounds and shelters. There are health benefits for your own pet too including:

Female pets:

  • Prevention of unwanted pregnancies
  • Prevention of unwanted oestrus signs e.g. vaginal discharge
  • Decreased risk of mammary cancer
  • Prevention of ovarian cancer
  • Prevention of pyometra


Male pets:

  • Reduced aggression and roaming
  • Reduced prostate problems
  • Prevention of testicular problems


To find out more about our discount desexing program, please contact your closest Branch: