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Getting 2 Zero and Statistics


Animal Welfare League NSW is proud to be associated with Getting 2 Zero.

The Getting to Zero Model details the principles, structures and strategies for achieving zero killing of healthy and treatable cats and dogs (more than 90% of all incoming stray and surrendered cats and dogs) in whole communities.

Hundreds of thousands of healthy and treatable cats and dogs are being abandoned and killed in pounds, shelters and vet clinics each year in Australia.

Getting to Zero (G2Z) aims to increase responsibility for companion animals so that every city and shire can achieve zero euthanasia of all healthy and treatable cats and dogs.

G2Z is relevant to state governments, local government animal management departments, pounds, shelters, rescue groups, breed organisations, breeders, pet shops, animal trainers, groomers, wildlife organisations, veterinarians, and all community members who are concerned about better management and welfare of cats and dogs.

Animal Welfare League NSW is committed to working towards zero euthanasia of healthy and treatable cats and dog within the community.

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Statistics for Animal Welfare League NSW

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