Ph (02) 8899 3333



If you feel that:

  • an animal is being neglected and
  • you are concerned for the welfare of the animal, or
  • you have witnessed an act of cruelty being committed

Please submit a cruelty report here or call 02 8899 3333 for emergencies. 

When contacting AWL concerning a matter involving cruelty, please provide as much information as possible, this may include:

  • what you have seen, witnessed or are concerned about
  • the address or location where the animal is being kept
  • description of the animal
  • if known, details such as name and address of the person you think may be involved or responsible for the cruelty or neglect
  • any other relevant details such as other witnesses, vehicle registration and description

Suspected cases of cruelty or neglect can also be reported to the Inspectors via email

inspectors process

All reports are confidential. Please note: Due to privacy laws we are unable to let you know the progress of your complaint, except to be able to confirm whether an Inspector has visited the premises or not.


Animals in film, television and theatrical performances

Click here to obtain a registration form to comply with the Code of Practice for the welfare of animals in film, television and theatrical performances.

The Code of Practice can be reviewed in full by visiting the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) website.