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Licious' Story



When Licious was only six months old, she was found wandering the streets, seriously unwell with a skin condition so severe her whole body was covered in blood.

She was picked up by a local pound, who promptly called Animal Welfare League NSW’s Inspectorate as they were so concerned about her health issues.

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Despite continued efforts, we were unable to track down her owners to speak with them or charge them with neglect, so Licious came to AWL NSW to recuperate.

When our Inspector Jamie Wakefield visited the pound to assess and pick her up, he was stunned by two things – the severity of Licious’ condition, which made her whimper in pain, and how trusting she was despite the neglect she had suffered at the hands of humans.

“When she met me, her tail began wagging, there was absolutely no aggression, and it almost felt like she was trying to say ‘oh you beauty, you’re here to save me’… it’s like she knew that I was there to rescue her,” Inspector Wakefield said.

Licious was so itchy that when she arrived at the AWL NSW Kemps Creek shelter, the walls of the Inspectorate van she had travelled in were covered in blood after she’d spend the whole drive scratching herself against them. She was immediately seen by our on-site veterinary clinic, where she was diagnosed with a host of serious medical conditions: severe demodectic mange, hookworm, a secondary bacterial skin infection, a compromised immune system and anaemia. Our Practice Manager said that Licious had one of the worst cases of mange that she had ever seen – in an older dog, a condition this severe would have been a death warrant, and if her wounds had become infected before she got picked up off the streets, it could have been fatal. 

Please note, you may find these pictures confronting;

                                   Licious sad        Licious sad2 

                                   Licious sad3        Licious sad4


She had three months’ worth of treatment at our clinic and received medication, diagnostics, boarding and staff attention. She needed baths every day in a special medicated shampoo, cooling baths every second day because her skin was so hot and inflamed, antibiotics, immunosuppressant medication and heavy doses of worming tablets.

After the treatment and love that Licious received at AWL NSW, she has recovered fully – her fur has grown back so much that some of our vet nurses didn’t recognise her, and she has finally been able to enjoy puppyhood without being in constant discomfort.

No dog should have to go through the pain and illness that Licious did during the first tender months of her life, but sadly, thousands do each year in New South Wales alone.

We cannot prevent this happening entirely, but we can be there to pick up the pieces for abandoned animals by responding to cruelty complaints, taking in homeless pets and rehabilitating them so they can be rehomed.

But all that comes with significant costs, and we urgently need the support of animal lovers like you to ensure we have enough funds to provide high quality care for neglected animals like Licious.


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Licious looking greatLicious showing off her beautiful, heathly coat!