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Lost and found pets


Lost a Pet?

If your pet goes missing:

  • Look all over your property - including new places where your pet may hide for example, behind furniture, appliances, garden bushes, lofts, garages or fireplaces
  • Search your local streets and contact your neighbours
  • Help your pet find his way home by ensuring he has a well fitted collar and pet tag that includes your current contact details
  • Call your local vets, pound, council and Animal Welfare League shelter
  • Do a letterbox drop
  • Most important of all, ensure your pet is microchipped and you update you details with your local council if you move or your details change.

Found a Pet?

If you find a stray dog or cat it will need to be surrendered to your local council pound.

All dogs and cats are scanned for a microchip on arrival at the pound and if the pet owners' details are current, they will be quickly reunited with their lost pet.