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Molly's Incredible Story


We welcomed the very special Molly into our kennels (and hearts!) at Kemps Creek shelter in early January. Although we take in many neglected and abused animals, Molly’s story shocked everyone here at the shelter when a routine x-ray during her veterinary health assessment revealed that her body was littered with more than a hundred tiny BB pellets. Our senior veterinarian was so shocked that she thought it was the result of a machine malfunction and re-did the test, to the same horrifying results.

While the pellets undoubtedly caused pain to Molly when they were first shot into her body, our expert veterinary team have assessed the injury as being so old that it no longer causes her pain or poses a risk to her health.

molly pelvis shrapnel

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We are happy to say that a few weeks after Molly arrived, she met her perfect match – a local family with plenty of time, space and love to give came into our Kemps Creek shelter and we knew straight away that they were the right people for this beautiful dog.

There are thousands of other animals just like Molly who have been surrendered, or worse still, suffered from abuse or neglect. We believe that these animals deserve a chance to find their forever home. With your generous financial support, we are able to give them that chance.

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