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Monthly Giving


Become a regular giver if you believe that no animal is ever too shy, too skinny, too big, too young, too old, too deaf, too blind or too bald to be rehomed and loved.

Meet Honey

Honey was found abandoned and wandering the streets and was in a very sad state. She was suffering from mange, a skin condition that had caused much of her hair to fall out. Despite this, the staff at Animal Welfare League still thought Honey was beautiful.

Honey needed weekly injections and regular treatments to combat the infection. She also needed a lot of love and affection from our staff and volunteers to teach her that not all humans were so bad.

Finally Honey was physically fit and had transformed into a lovely little dog and we were able to find her a forever home with a wonderful family.

Animal Welfare League is determined to give every healthy cat and dog that comes into our care a second chance at a happy life. It doesn’t matter if they are disabled, elderly, shy or beautiful on the inside. We will look after them like they are our own, until a new suitable owner can be found, whether that takes weeks, months or even years.

How can you help?

By becoming a regular giver you will help transform the lives of thousands of dogs and cats in need like Honey. Your ongoing support will ensure that Animal Welfare League can be there for the forgotten animals. We'll keep you informed with regular updates on how your contribution is helping these cats and dogs.

$5 a month could supply over a week’s worth of pain relief medication for a dog like Honey with medical conditions

$10 a month could provide a frightened dog with behavioural therapy for a fortnight

$15 a month could provide an abandoned cat with warm shelter for nearly a month

Your regular gift can help provide a second chance for some of the most neglected cats and dogs in Australia.

To sign up for a monthly gift online please click here - or you can call us on 8899 3333 or download the form.