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Princess's Story




Given away for free online, kept in a small backyard with no water, and then left to suffer with a leg injury and no vet treatment. This is the tragic story of Princess, a horse that our Inspectorate took in earlier this year.

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AWL NSW Inspector Jamie Wakefield first met Princess back in May, after receiving neglect complaints from concerned members of the public.

After tracking the horse down, he was stunned by how calm, friendly and gentle she was, despite the sad life she had experienced so far.

She had a serious wound on her lower left leg that Inspector Jamie guessed had been caused by a barbed wire slash, and desperately needed veterinary treatment to prevent it from becoming infected.

Sadly, Princess’ owner had all but abandoned her, moving hours away and leaving her on an agistment property with no plans for her future care.

When the owner was given legal directions to provide vet care for Princess, she only sought an initial consultation and failed to keep up the ongoing treatment that the horse desperately needed, leading to an infection that threatened her health.

Due to Princess’ precarious medical condition, immense pain and lack of proper treatment, she was seized and came into the custody of Animal Welfare League NSW.

Her owner has since been fined, and Princess has undergone much-needed surgery paid for by AWL NSW. She will be available for adoption soon, and now has a second chance at life.

In cases like these, it is vitally important that we are able to investigate neglect, seize mistreated animals and provide them with proper medical care.

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