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Shady's Story of Hope



It’s almost Christmastime, and although all of the homeless animals at our shelters deserve a loving family to wake up to on December 25th, we have a special place in our heart for our beautiful long-termer Shady.

Shady’s story is tragic, yet also tragically common here at Animal Welfare League NSW. This kind-natured 10 year old brindle Staffy has spent most of 2017 without a home, after being dumped at a different shelter in January, then transferred to AWL NSW in June.

In her twilight years, when she should have been spoiled and cherished by her family, Shady was surrendered in favour of a younger, shinier, bouncier dog. That’s right – her owners relinquished Shady after they brought home a new puppy, and the duo didn’t get along.

Her first few months of homelessness must have been so confusing and traumatic. Even at the best shelter, with the highest quality care and facilities, dogs can struggle. A shelter is full of confusing scents, sounds and people, and the experience can be distressing for a dog who has spent their life in a home.

Poor Shady has spent almost a year living in a kennel, without a family or home to call her own.

You may be wondering why it has taken her so long to get adopted, when other smaller, fluffier dogs fly off the shelves here at the shelter.

Her temperament is lovely – she has a gentle demeanour, walks well on the lead, and adores humans.

Sadly though, like other dogs here at AWL NSW, Shady’s advanced age and breed have worked against her, despite her positive qualities, with many adopters going for cuter, fluffier, smaller dogs.

This is the inevitable reality of running an animal welfare organisation, and for every fluffy Pomeranian we adopt out in an instant, there are ten more Shadys who are overlooked for months (or even years) due to their appearance.

Here at Animal Welfare League NSW, we see the value in dogs like Shady, and know they just need a bit of extra time to find that special person willing to see beyond their looks.

But keeping Shady and animals like her in our care for however long it takes costs a significant amount of money, and it is only thanks to the support of generous animal lovers that we are able to have no time limits on our animals.

Since Shady came into our care in June, she has cost the organisation $1,400 a month just to keep in care, let alone her veterinary costs on top of that, which are into the thousands of dollars. Money that we are very glad to spend, but as you can imagine, these figures add up with every long-term animal we keep.

We currently have hundreds of animals in our care, with many more expected to arrive before Christmas Day, and they all rely on the generous support of animal lovers who share our vision.

Please, if you believe like we do that the forgotten long-termer cats and dogs like Shady deserve a proper chance at finding a new family, donate to us this Christmas to help us keep our shelter thriving.


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