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AWL NSW is DESPERATELY seeking the URGENT assistance of foster carers.  In particular, we have 4 dogs who are really struggling – some due to the long term restraints of shelter life, desperately craving ‘normality’ away from the shelter – others are undergoing medical treatment and require somewhere to recuperate, where they can be given more one on one priority care and attention.

The difference between AWL NSW and a typical pound is that we do not have an accommodation time limit for our dogs and cats.  To euthanise is not on our radar unless - for serious reason - it is absolutely necessary.  Our focus is the necessity to rehabilitate those that have been neglected/mistreated, take on those that have been surrendered, and find our gorgeous four legged friends new loving forever homes.

Having no accommodation time limit means there is a huge strain on the mindset of our dogs that have spent so much time here.  Not to mention the fact that the longer we have these beautiful canines in our care, the longer it takes to be able to offer shelter placement to other dogs, who also really need our help.

Seeing some of our longer term dogs extremely sad and lonely is of course not what we want, but while they wait for someone to open their arms, hearts and homes in a more permanent capacity it is what’s happening.  Although we provide each dog with our love, a warm indoor/outdoor kennel, a secure place for off leash play, and plenty of green grass for on-lead walking – there is simply not enough resources to be able to provide each dog with the more individual attention they would receive from typical home and family life.

AWL NSW Senior Behaviourist – Rosalie Horton says ‘’When it comes to being out of the family/home environment over the long term, it means missing out on all the necessary socialisation of meeting people, and having new experiences. There subsequently ends up being a level of sensory deprivation -  they start seeing the same thing over and over, see the same people coming and going and get bored. The long term effects of boredom and isolation is a lowered ability to cope with stress,  and the build-up of stress (or stressors) cause issues like stereo typical behaviours (repetitive behaviours with no function).

Rosalie goes on to say: “In saying this there are many benefits of being in the shelter (e.g. surrounded by trained professionals, proper nutrition, around the clock vet care, and tailer made rehabilitation/enrichment programs), however although we do everything we can to reduce symptoms mentioned, we still accept that there is of course nothing better than a really good, loving, stable home.”

There are so many positive reasons to become a foster carer. Not only does it give the animal you take into your home a break from shelter life - but it saves the life of another who urgently needs our care.  Fostering a dog is a fun and rewarding experience that the whole family can participate in, and receive unconditional love in return. AWL NSW covers the cost of all of the medical needs and food while you are fostering.

Dogs are such loyal companions and give us so much love – please help us help them when they need it most.  For those interested in finding out more about fostering Luna, Chopper, Tilly or Diesel (or our foster care and adoption processes in general), please contact our Foster Care Co-ordinator on 02 8899 3333 or email  - we urgently need to hear from you!  We also refer you to our ‘Foster Care Information Kit – which will provide you with in-depth information about what being a foster carer involves – along with the ‘Foster Care Application Form’, which can be printed, completed and returned to us.

Meet our dogs in urgent need of foster care or a forever home – could you be their new lease on life?


Luna (Foster care or forever home)

Hi there I am the lovely Luna, come in and say hello to me you will be leaving singing hallelujah!

I'm a very happy girl.  I love nothing more than being included in lots of outdoor activities as well as snuggling up to you on the couch. I will need to go home to an active household that will dedicate the time to my training and socialization.  I am also completely deaf - but don't let that put you off - I am still as fun and active as any other dog.  Due to handicapped hearing and training requirements I will need to go home to an experienced dog owner and be the only animal in the home.

I am a funny girl full of character.  Owning a deaf dog like me comes with many advantages such as opening food packets without me realising, not barking when the doorbell rings and sleeping soundly through storms and fireworks!! Sounds like the perfect dog right? I will also wave around my food bowl and bring it to you when I am hungry or thirsty.    

Being a young pup I haven't fully learnt my manners yet.  The staff here at the shelter have been working with me, however I will need to go home with an owner who is willing to put the time and effort into me. Due to my size and lack of manners I can be a little too boisterous at times, so due to this I might be a bit too much for young children.  I am a very smart girl who even knows a little bit of sign language! With consistent training I will make a wonderful companion.  If you want a dog that is loving, loyal, full of life and willing to learn then I am the perfect dog for you!  I can't wait to meet you!

Chopper (foster care or forever home)
Introducing Chopper, a handsome young boy who has had a rough start to life.  This sweet boy hasn’t been treated so nicely in the past, and as a result has become very shy and timid.  During his first few days here at the shelter Chopper was non-stop trembling and wouldn’t come out of his kennel.  However, after some rehabilitation has grown in confidence.  He is now able to be taken out on walks and has bonded closely with some staff members.  Chopper is still very timid around new people and environments, but this sweet boy has so much potential.  We would like to continue working with Chopper out of the shelter environment and continue to improve his confidence and trust with people.  If you have a quiet home with lots of time and a need for companionship, please consider fostering Chopper - how could you say no to that face?!

Hugo is a sweet little man who is full of love and character.  His favourite thing in the world is being surrounded by people and thoroughly enjoys snuggling up on their lap! Unfortunately Hugo is currently in some pain and is having difficulty using his back legs normally, so the AWL will be performing major surgery on both his back legs. Our experienced vets are very familiar with this surgery and he should have full use of his legs once they are healed correctly! However, the shelter environment is no place for a dog needing this much special love and care. We are on the search for a warm and loving home to go to post surgery, with a dedicated carer to ensure his specific needs are met. Anyone interested in caring for him during this process will have a consult with our experienced veterinary staff, but the main thing will be that he requires cage rest for a period of time with very limited movement – and because of this it would be ideal for him to be in a quiet household with no other animals present. If you feel that you can offer your home and heart to Hugo please contact AWL Kemps Creek.  

Leo is a social and fun loving boy!  He is great with people and loves every dog he meets, so he would make a great addition to any family! He is a very well-mannered boy who just LOVES his food, making him very easy to train and integrate into a new home.  Poor Leo has recently undergone major surgery on one of his hind legs to improve his quality of life as he was in quite a lot of pain. The AWL veterinary team did a wonderful job on his surgery, they are very happy with the result, and are convinced that his leg will recover well as long as he is looked after well post-surgery. Leo will need to be in cage rest for a period of time after his surgery, but - being such an active boy - being confined in the shelter while recovering will have a severe impact on Leo’s mental wellbeing. We would love him to be able to recover from his surgery in a loving home during this period, so the AWL are on the hunt for someone to take him on! Anyone interested in caring for him during this process will have a consult with our experienced veterinary staff, but the ideal home for him would be a quiet household with no other animals present while he recovers. If you have the room and time to help with Leo’s recovery please contact AWL Kemps Creek.


All AWL animals are desexed, microchipped, health checked, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated.