Alfie was blind, old and desperately vulnerable. All he wanted was someone to love him. But his simple wish wasn’t granted.

If you’d seen Alfie, you’d have known straight away that something was wrong. This eleven-year-old Maltese cross should have had a beautiful shiny long haired coat, but he didn’t. Alfie had been so cruelly neglected that he’d become a mass of stinking, overgrown, flea-infested fur. You couldn’t see his face, his ears or his paws – he was almost unrecognisable as a dog.

He was also in constant pain.

Alfie’s teeth had been left to rot until they started to fall out. He had ear infections and skin that itched constantly. He was also blind.

Please will you help rescue a dog like Alfie from cruelty, before it’s too late?

What would have happened to Alfie if we hadn’t received a call from a concerned neighbour and sent an Inspector to investigate? As an older, vulnerable, blind dog, it’s unlikely he’d have survived for long.

Animals like Alfie can’t escape cruelty. They need your help now.

Alfie was taken straight to our vet. He had to be sedated while his matted coat was carefully removed. Once he’d recovered, he started on a rehabilitation program, especially designed for a blind dog.

Alfie amazed everyone with how quickly he learned. Despite suffering such horrendous cruelty, he was affectionate and friendly. In fact, he liked nothing better than a hug. He’d hook his paws over our shoulders and sleep in our arms.

All Alfie wanted was love. But he didn’t get it.

He was left to get sick and lose his teeth under a stinking, matted coat – until we rescued him.

Please send your gift nowto help rescue animals like Alfie and give them the loving care they so desperately need.

Alfie’s now in good health. He also has a happy, loving home. This could be your gift to an animal who has suffered cruelty. Please give now.

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