Despite our best efforts in trying to find Nitro a new home, he is still with us so if you haven’t donated a gift already, please do so today. Please help us give Nitro and the other abandoned dogs and cats in our care a reason to celebrate this Christmas – whether they are lucky enough to spend it with new families or in the care of our loving shelter team.

Nitro’s story of courage and recovery is something I hold dear to my heart. Finding him lifeless and emaciated back in July is a cruel memory I will not be able to shake any time soon. His rehabilitation has taken six very long months. During this time, our dedicated veterinary team have watched him every so slowly gain weight and grow back his fur. They routinely bathed him with medicated soap to relieve him of his demodex mange and secondary skin infections that oozed and itched, and they sat with him day after day while he recovered to help build his trust with humans again. The teamwork we Inspectors share with the AWL NSW vet team is second to none and I cannot thank them enough for helping bring this gorgeous boy back to life.

Did you know? We rely on generous supporters to help fund the work of our veterinarians and vet nurses. Please donate to help supply us with medication and other critical supplies to get us through the busy holiday period.

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With the kindness and support from people like you, Nitro is well on his way to overcoming his traumatic past. Now a much healthier weight for a dog of his size, Nitro has a new-found bounce in his step. He is happy, playful, and truly loves life. It has been a joy to see his character slowly shine through. He loves spending time with our shelter staff. He enjoys his daily walks and he really is just a great dog. But what we want to see most is Nitro in a loving forever home with people that will care and love him as much as we do.

All we want for Christmas is for dogs like Nitro to find a home, and not wake up in a kennel on December 25 without a family to love and cherish them.

The sad reality is that we simply cannot hope to find forever homes for so many abandoned animals before Christmas. There’s just not enough time. This is the busiest time for us Inspectors who receive an even higher amount of calls for assistance to rescue victims of cruelty and neglect.

The truth is, now that the holiday season is upon us, we need your help even more. Which is why I am writing again to ask you to please donate whatever you can comfortably manage, as soon as you can.

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With your help we can still make sure that Nitro’s road to recovery continues over the festive season – improving his chances of being adopted by the pawfect family as soon as possible. What’s more, we can ensure that the broken-hearted animals who are destined to spend the holidays in our Shelter are made a fuss of, and have as joyful a Christmas as possible.

It may only be a small donation to you, but we promise you that your gift will make a world of difference to our animals. It is only with the help of supporters like you that we will be able to do our important work rescuing and rehoming animals this festive season.

Merry Christmas,

Inspector Jamie Wakefield
Animal Welfare League NSW

PS: Your gift will help us save more neglected dogs like Nitro!
PPS: It’s hard to consider cruelty to animals at any time of year. But at Christmas, a time of joy, it’s even more upsetting. By helping with a donation, you can look forward to your celebrations, knowing you’ve done what you can to make the festive season as good as possible for Nitro and other victims of abuse who will be spending Christmas in our care.

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