Sasha is the sweetest little dog imaginable. A little ray of doggy sunshine, people who cross her path can’t help but fall in love with her. At just 2 years old, Sasha is an incredibly joyful dog who embraces life with both blue paws.

Sasha was surrendered into our care back in August and during her time with us, little Sasha had many admirers at our shelter. Most people who met Sasha had no idea that she was in severe pain. But her life had been marred by almost continual painful ear infections in both ears. Ear infections are by their very nature difficult to treat. Once recurrent infection sets in, the cycle of inflammation, infection, and fibrosis can lead to irreversible damage within the ear canal which becomes impossible to treat medically.

Sasha’s ear canals were so scarred from the cycle of persistent infection that she could barely hear us when we called out to her. We couldn’t touch her ears as they hurt her too much. Sasha needed specialist surgical help to live a life free of horrible pain.

The gold standard of care in this situation is to perform a total ear canal ablation for both ears (a ‘TECA’ as vets call it), as this addresses the entire disease process. Undergoing a TECA meant that Sasha’s ear canals were to be removed. It may sound drastic – and it is, but it was the only way to guarantee she has a life free of chronic pain.

We were quoted $2500 for TECA surgery for both of Sasha’s ears. With post-operative care and medication, the total cost of the procedure was over $4500.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we raised more than enough money to cover darling Sasha’s total ear canal ablation surgery and post-operative care.

To all who donated to Sasha’s ear operation – thank you so much! We couldn’t do our vital work without your support.

Although Sasha technically is now deaf after both operations, she is not totally cut off from the world of sound. It is still sensed via vibrations and experienced much like noises and sounds when we wear earplugs.

During her rehabilitation, Sasha went into foster care to recover and get all of the TLC she deserves. We are so pleased to announce that Sasha is now a ‘foster fail’ after her foster carer decided to adopt her and give her the best life she deserves!

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