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Meet Wills

Meet Wills

Colour/s Tabby
Sex Male
Age 1 Year 9 Months
Size Small
Animal ID 59758
Microchip Number 900079000351218
Location Western Suburbs
Price $50
Health Check

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

A Little Bit About Wills

Introducing Wills - AWL takes on all types of kitties looking for homes. We recently took a litter of kittens that were born under a house and they have been in foster care on the Central Coast with a lovely carer who has taken them from being hugely timid kittens too afraid to come out from under the lounge and hiding inside a office drawer to what they are today. Well look at the picture of them on the bed to see how far they have come. There is a bit of understanding to timid cats like these kittens which we would like to share in the hope of finding these kittens loving homes. What to expect when you go to view timid kittens/cats pending adoption: Basically they will run!! These cats still are very wary of new humans & build enormous trust over time of anyone showing them kindness and love BUT we mere humans need to earn that trust. What does it take to earn their trust? Patience dear friends, that is all. Allowing them to become comfortable in their new surroundings, time for them to see that you are nothing to be afraid of. How long will it take? Depends on the kitty really but these kittens we expect would become lap cats in a few weeks time in their new homes. They have done that with the carer so will do it with anyone that adopts them. Ask anyone that has adopted a timid cat and they will tell you that by allowing the cat time, they in most cases turn out to be the most affectionate cats. Oh and they will alway be YOUR cat, no one else's, cos you took the time to win them over. If you are interested in adopting Wills, please email for a preadoption application. Animal Rehoming Number R251000222

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