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Meet Sarah

Meet Sarah

Colour/s Black
Sex Female
Age 9 Years 9 Months
Size Small
Animal ID 61278
Microchip Number 943094320114980
Location Kemps Creek Shelter
Price $125
Health Check

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

A Little Bit About Sarah

As you walk through our cattery you might see some hopeful faces looking back at you, you might hear friendly and inviting mews and purrs, but you will rarely find an empty condo. Such is the nature of a shelter, the residents come and go, but there will always be residents. So what does it mean when you come to a condo whose resident cannot be seen or heard? Some of our cats find the sights, sounds, and smells of the shelter environment rather scary. Some are happy to say hello through a closed door but retreat to their safe space when the doors are opened, some watch quietly from the highest shelf, some venture forward slowly...and some are like Sarah. Sarah spends much of her time safely tucked away in the alcove of her condo. She emerges for daily meals, but often waits for nightfall and the absence of activity before she explores the rest of her space. Sarah hides from the parts of her world that frighten her. That is the kind of cat Sarah is HERE. But who might she be at home in a whole new world? A sweet older girl, Sarah is certainly not a boisterous and bold character, but she is chatty and sociable, smoochy and charming. Peeling away the layers takes time, but building a relationship with Sarah will be nothing but rewarding. Every cat has a story. Will you be a part of Sarah's?

All AWL NSW animals are desexed, microchipped, health checked, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated.

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AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222.

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