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Meet Prince Naveen

Meet Prince Naveen

Colour/s Tabby White
Sex Male
Age 7 Months
Size Small
Animal ID 61293
Location Kemps Creek Shelter
Price $200
Health Check

A Little Bit About Prince Naveen

Despite his royal name, Prince Naveen is a humble fellow, looking to lead a good life as part of a loving family. This young lad has been with us for some months battling a persistent flu virus. A runny nose and weepy eyes would make anyone feel glum but Naveen has kept high spirits through it all and is just as affable and affectionate as ever. Like all young felines, Naveen would benefit from a home that can offer plenty of toys, play time and mental stimulation, to keep his lively mind busy and challenged. Novel activities and enrichment will keep this boy entertained and teach him valuable skills for life as an adult. A sociable and smoochy boy, Naveen would love someone to snuggle with of an evening, so reserving a spot on your lounge (or lap!) will be necessary. While Naveen is feeling much better these days, a guardian who can recognise signs of sickness and who is willing to commit to ongoing costs and care associated with recurring illness would be Naveen's ideal new bestie. Naveen doesn't ask for much, just kindness and care. If you feel you could offer the home that Naveen has been waiting for please come and meet him here at Kemps Creek. More information is available by calling or emailing our shelter; PH: (02) 8899 3333, Email:

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