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Meet Denise

Meet Denise

Colour/s White
Sex Female
Age 1 Year 1 Month
Size Small
Animal ID 61638
Microchip Number 900079000401105
Location Kemps Creek Shelter
Price $175
Health Check

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

A Little Bit About Denise

Arriving in AWL care as a wee sickly kitten, Denise has made giant leaps forward, becoming stronger and more spirited by the day! Lovers of 'Cattitude' step forth, this kitten is sassy and sociable, seeking a human who can handle her boisterous play style and more. Like many singleton kittens, Denise missed out on some important life lessons, taught best by your mumma cat and siblings. Enthusiastic play and adventure is a kitten's way, but Denise's chase and pounce routine can be a little inappropriate at times. She will benefit from a family with some feline experience that can continue with positive training exercises to help her learn calming behaviours and how to be a polite and gentle play pal. She also needs a special family who will be content to indulge her sometimes wild character; Denise is no snuggle bug but she is mighty entertaining! That means her new home will need to be ready with plenty of toys, safe climbing opportunities, and enrichment, enrichment, enrichment! Denise will do best as the only cat in her new home as she isn't well-versed in feline to feline etiquette and is often a bit too much for other cat pals. Denise is also something of a project pet on her own, so she will best suit a home where she gets all of the attention and activity to herself. Speak with our Behaviour Team for training tips and some fun ways you can use enrichment to keep kitty's paws and mind busy throughout the day! Denise's adoption is by application only, so if you have the time and skill to become a pro kitten trainer and help Denise on her path to becoming a fine example of a feline, please speak to our Kemps Creek Team. For more information about this wild child please call or email the shelter; PH: (02) 8899 3333, Email:

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