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Meet Serina

Meet Serina

Colour/s Tabby
Sex Female
Age 1 Year 2 Months
Size Medium
Animal ID 62006
Location Kemps Creek Shelter
Price $175
Health Check

A Little Bit About Serina

Beautiful Serina is a wonderful little girl who has spent most of her life in a vet clinic due to inflamed gums. This little mite has won the hearts of all of our vet team and we would be so ecstatic for her to find herself a wonderful new home!

Serina is incredibly affectionate and playful, she is still quite young and her new owners will need to ensure she is given plenty of things to play with if she is to be on her own at all.

Serina hasn't had a lot to do with other animals apart from seeing them from her condo but may be ok in a home with them as long as she is introduced slowly and appropriately.

Due to the severe nature of Serinas gingivitis she needed full mouth extractions, meaning she is now a bit of a gummy bear and will need to be on soft food for the rest of her life.

If you think you can give this sweet pumpkin the home she desperately deserves please contact the Kemps Creek Shelter on 8899 3333 or email

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