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Meet Kendra

Meet Kendra

Colour/s Tawny
Sex Female
Age 1 Year 1 Month
Size Medium
Animal ID 62370
Microchip Number 900079000562708
Location Kemps Creek Shelter
Price $350
Health Check

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

A Little Bit About Kendra

My name is Kendra, the one-eyed beauty at the shelter.

You may find me quietly sitting in my kennel, slouched against the wall and putting my best innocent face on - trust me, it works.

But I also need a lot of other things to work out for me too. You see, life has been a bit strange for me and I really want to be the best doggo I can be, I really just need your help.

I know I look like the big playful type, and boy I certainly am. But I would love to only play with my human pals rather then other cats, dogs or pocket pets. I have a special type of play which can be a little over the top, plus these other furry critters can be a bit scary sometimes.

I love my human pals sooo much that I will need one that is home more often then not as they make me feel safe, but I understand this will take a special somebody that may be hard to find. My behaviour team who have been working so hard with me can give you tips on how to settle me into my new home. My new home will also need to have secure fencing to keep me safe.

If you are willing to spend time allowing me to settle into a new environment, and give me all of your love and attention please contact the shelter team on for an application form.

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