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Meet Puddy

Meet Puddy

Colour/s Tortoiseshell
Sex Female
Age 15 Years 5 Months
Size Small
Animal ID 62401
Microchip Number 982009101270560
Location Kemps Creek Shelter
Price $75
Health Check

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

A Little Bit About Puddy

Why hello there, now I already know what you're thinking, what is a beautiful, stunning, regal looking older girl like myself doing in a shelter? Well I didn't just wander in here of my own accord, I was unfortunately surrendered due to no fault of my own.

Don't feel sorry for me though, it's you I feel sorry for, you who hasn't made the journey out to the shelter to meet me, you're really missing out believe me.

Now as you can see I am a little bit older than your average cat in the shelter, so I'm looking for a nice little home, with a quiet background, a lounge or bed (or both!) that I can claim as my throne and minions to bow down to my every whim.

Although I used to live with other cats I do find they can sometimes get on my nerves, so I'm ideally looking for a home with either no other cats or a quieter cat who won't bother me or steal my food. That's another thing, food will always be my number one love so my new owner will need to ensure dinner is NEVER late and will understand that they are always second best to food.

So what are you waiting for? Get off the couch and come meet me! I'm available to adopt from the Kemps Creek Shelter where I am getting a lot of love from the animal attendants, they just can't resist my adorable affectionate self, you can chat with them about me for hours on 8899 3333 or email them on I wouldn't wait too long though, a queen like myself is bound to get snatched up quickly!

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