Meet Jett

Meet Jett

Colour/s Black
Sex Male
Age 7 Years 3 Months
Breed Bullmastiff
Secondary Breed Great Dane
Size Large
Animal ID 62660
Microchip Number 982000190972801
Location Kemps Creek Shelter

A Little Bit About Jett


"Well hello there, my name is Jett. You may have seen me around the shelter carrying my favourite toys in my mouth while I'm going for walkies #MultiTaskingDog. I know the value of toys so I don't destroy them but I certainly love to play with them!

As a sophisticated gentleman such as myself, I enjoy the finer things in life. For example, my food must get delivered to me by the Shelter Chef in a cardboard box. It makes me so excited that I do a quick 'pitter patter' dance with my feet if I see you with a box with my special food in it. I applied for multiple dancing reality TV shows and they all wrote back to me to say I would automatically win and it would be unfair so they couldn't accept me. My paws were also too big for the keyboard so maybe I filled out a few questions wrong as well 🤷‍♂️

So... Onto the important stuff... Yes I am a lap dog (seriously) and love to sit in human laps. I'll also lean my whole big body against you for pats and will fall asleep if you give me a hip massage 😴

I love cuddles with humans and if you put my face near you, you may encounter my gigantic tongue. It's not my fault there's a [pretend] magnet between my tongue and human faces...

I'm a gentle man who is very easy to walk. Until I see another dog, then I become a bit of a looney tune so best I stay away from other dogs :)

I do sometimes get mistaken for a horse 🐎 because I have been known to gallop into people sometimes. They tell me I have dodgy hips (hip dysplasia) but it doesn't really slow me down!

Oh yay, a staff member is giving me a hip massage as I type this with my oversized paws... *snore* *snore* I'm a staff favourite... 😴😴😴 *sleeping*" - Jett

Jett has been patiently waiting at our shelter for almost 12 months. He is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped and vet checked. Please contact 8777 4445 or email if you are interested in adopting this gorgeous boy.

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