Meet Zorro

Meet Zorro

Colour/s Black White
Sex Male
Age 3 Years 4 Months
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Secondary Breed
Size Small
Animal ID 64546
Location Kemps Creek Shelter

A Little Bit About Zorro

"Hey there! Oh no, that's too close. No, no, get away from me! HUMAN!!! Oh yum... Food... Bring it here, my human slave...

My name is Zorro. The man and the legend.

People describe me as independent. In other words, I will hate you until you feed me enough over several weeks and then I'll probably like you. Even then, I will only pretend to like you so I can get fed more delicious, meaty goodness. My nickname should be Zorro The Hutt (although I need to consume more food to properly live up to that name). That was a Star Wars reference for those people (unlike me) who don't watch as much TV as I do...

As the pretentious feline that I am, in my world, cats rule the roost. So if you have a dog at home, I'll kindly say "no thanks" to living with you.

I associate being up high (in terms of height, I don't take drugs despite word on the street) with being the important worldly character that I am. Although I am looking for a foster home, I do expect that the person who eventually adopts me to buy a tall cat tower so I can look down upon the mere mortals who will tend to my every need. I will call it Zorro's Kingdom. Entry fee will be a donation of tuna or cooked chicken for my consumption only.

To keep myself in good shape, I sun-bake in the sun. I hope my foster or adoptive home has sun spots for me to judge them from.

Don't get me wrong. Most people can't even pat me. But after a few weeks of persisting, I might let you. One time, a staff member caught me purring... Oh no! The Meow-To-English (MTE) Translator has been left on. Please DO NOT disclose that confidential information to ANYONE. This interview is over... *turns MTE Translator off*" - Zorro

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