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Meet Luna

Meet Luna

Colour/s White
Sex Female
Age 3 Years 7 Months
Breed Maremma Sheepdog
Secondary Breed
Size Large
Animal ID 66299
Microchip Number 953010002531861
Location Kemps Creek Shelter
Price $400
Health Check

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

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A Little Bit About Luna


Available for Adoption OR Foster-to-Adopt

Luna is a beautiful three-year-old Maremma sheepdog who is affectionate to those she knows and trusts. She is fully house trained and is very polite (she never chews stuff or steals food that isn't hers!).

Currently, Luna is in a foster home in Baulkham Hills and will need multiple visits to ensure compatibility before adoption is possible in January 2022.

Perhaps due to something in her past, she does not easily trust people and is sometimes very anxious. Due to this anxiety, she needs someone who is willing to take the time to build a relationship with her. She will need a highly experienced, patient and confident owner with whom she can gradually build trust. It would be best if there weren't a lot of strangers coming to the property for a few months.

She has some toys that she plays with, but she mostly prefers spending her time inside the house in a quiet, dark and peaceful space by herself. She loves to hang out quietly with her humans in the evenings. During quiet times in the day she can go for walks with a muzzle on, which may look scary but does help her.

There are times when Luna can get very stressed and it can be difficult to calm her down. This includes seeing or hearing loud dogs, people and traffic - and especially when someone comes to the door. She would need to be outside before allowing any new people into your house. Her breed is known to be very protective of their home, so loud barking, yelping and jumping is common when she feels threatened by anybody she doesn't know. This is why we recommend that such exposure to strangers is limited where possible in the beginning.

In summary, Luna needs a calm, quiet environment in a home where fences and doors are secure and tall and there are no other pets, no children, and no sudden contact with unknown people or animals. She also needs to be welcome inside the house as loud backyard noises sometimes overwhelm her. Once she feels comfortable with her humans, she will be very grateful.

This girl is very special and a lovely soul when you get to know her.

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