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Meet Flopsie

Meet Flopsie

Colour/s White Grey
Sex Male
Age 1 Year
Breed Lop Eared
Secondary Breed
Size Small
Animal ID 70280
Microchip Number 900164002077761
Location Sydney Shelter (Kemps Creek)
Price $50
Health Check

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

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A Little Bit About Flopsie

Meet Flopsie, named after his most magnificent floppy ears.

Flopsie has not had the best beginning to his life so can be quite fearful when meeting new people. However, the way to this little man's heart is truly through his stomach. His favourite snack is banana however he will also munch away on greens, pellets and oaten hay.

His new home should have lots of igloos, boxes and tunnels to hide away and play in as this makes him feel the safest. Being an adult male a female friend would be most ideal. An experienced rabbit owner or family with lots of patience to help build up Flopsie's trust and handling is also recommended.

If you have the ability to give a scared little man his dream home please contact the shelter on 87774445 or kempscreek@awlnsw.com.au to meet the handsome Flopsie!

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