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Meet Clarinet

Meet Clarinet

Colour/s Black
Sex Female
Age 1 Year 3 Months
Breed Domestic Short Hair
Secondary Breed
Size Medium
Animal ID 74020
Microchip Number 991003002553146
Location Sydney Shelter (Kemps Creek)

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

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A Little Bit About Clarinet

Open to live with catsOpen to live with cats
Apartment friendlyApartment friendly
First time cat ownerFirst time cat owner
Suited to full-time workerSuited to full-time worker
Open to meet pet savvy kidsOpen to meet pet savvy kids
Clarinet is a kitty who is more entertaining than a cat attempting to break into the world of competitive mouse chasing, complete with a training program and motivational theme song. This friendly feline is on the prowl for a family to charm with her playful antics and adorable meows.

Clarinet is a master of the gentle headbutt and an expert in the art of chin rub solicitation. She'll even grace your bed with her presence, claiming her spot on the throne of fluffiness.

Clarinet is the four-legged comedian you never knew you needed. She is a furry soccer player who loves chasing balls with a bell inside. She'll tap it around like she's in the World Cup. Move over Messi, Clarinet is here to steal the spotlight!

Now, let's talk about her vocals. Clarinet is a chatty Cathy! Whether it's a meow, a purr, or a full-blown conversation, she's always has something to say. If someone in your home gives you the 'silent treatment' just speak to Clarinet instead!

Clarinet eats more than a teenager going through a growth spurt. Be prepared to stock up on cat treats and invest in delicious wet food for her. She is smart enough to leave some dry food for later.

If you are looking to adopt a perfectly playful, affectionate and outgoing kitty who isn't afraid to put on a meow-sical, please contact us to adopt Clarinet!

My adoption fee includes desexing, health check, microchipping, I am up-to-date with vaccinations and eligible for free lifetime registration.

Adoption Fee: $75

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