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Meet Kitty

Meet Kitty

Colour/s Black White
Sex Male
Age 6 Years 1 Month
Breed Domestic Medium Hair
Secondary Breed
Size Small
Animal ID 74460
Microchip Number 900164001543268
Location Sydney Shelter (Kemps Creek)

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

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A Little Bit About Kitty

Apartment friendlyApartment friendly
Suited to full-time workerSuited to full-time worker
Open to meet pet savvy kidsOpen to meet pet savvy kids
Kitty is not just your average cat; he's a bundle of fluff with a heart full of warmth. At 6 years old, he's mastered the art of being both sophisticated and endearing. His preference for a quiet home stems from a desire for serenity, where he can take his time acclimating to his surroundings.

Approaching life with a laid-back attitude, Kitty has a unique charm that radiates once he feels secure. Picture this: a cozy corner becomes his kingdom, and you'll find him confidently exploring his newfound territory. As the days pass, you'll witness the transformation - Kitty will evolve into a devoted smoocher, showering you with affection and companionship.

His chirpy nature adds a touch of playfulness to the atmosphere, making every day a delightful adventure. Whether it's a gentle purr or a soft meow, Kitty's communication style is as friendly as his demeanor. If you're seeking a furry friend who appreciates the finer things in life and knows when it's time to unwind, Kitty might just be the perfect match for your serene home.

Note: This cat is currently being cared for in a home and when adopted, it will free up a spot to help another cat.

My adoption fee includes desexing, health check, microchipping, I am up-to-date with vaccinations and eligible for free lifetime registration.

Adoption Fee: $230

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