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Meet Roulette

Meet Roulette

Colour/s Black
Sex Male
Age 9 Months
Breed Lop Eared
Secondary Breed
Size Small
Animal ID 75166
Microchip Number 991003002552368
Location Sydney Shelter (Kemps Creek)

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

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A Little Bit About Roulette

Roulette has overcome significant hardships to become the loving and resilient bunny he is today. Rescued by the inspectorate department, Roulette arrived in terrible condition, having been kept outside and suffering from rain scalding as well as a healed fracture in his back leg. Thanks to the dedicated care of his wonderful foster family, Roulette has experienced love, warmth, and fun enrichment activities.

Roulette may be shy to begin with, but he is a very lovable character. He has shown remarkable resilience and has a gentle, endearing nature. His foster family has seen him blossom into a bunny who enjoys interaction, treats and snuggling up on the lounge.

Roulette loves small pieces of apple and carrot, and will run up to you when offered these tasty snacks. He likes being gently brushed, which helps him relax and feel comfortable. For fun, he enjoys tossing handmade paper cubes filled with pellets and stacking cups with a few pellets in them. Watching him pick his enrichment up, gently, in his mouth and shake it about is funny and strangely addictive to watch.

Roulette finds comfort in his own, smaller sectioned off areas as having the free run of the house is foreign and scary for him. When out of his pen, he tends to run back in straight away and doesn't venture out unless lured with food. He is very easy to look after and would do well in a quiet, patient home where he can feel safe and loved.

Roulette has come a long way from his difficult past and deserves a forever home where he can continue to thrive. Despite his twisted leg he hops around just fine and his only additional need would be to make sure his enclosure has lots of cuddly, soft bedding to keep him from getting any pressure sores. His gentle and sweet nature, combined with his love for treats and snuggles, makes him a wonderful companion. Contact us today to meet Roulette and see if he's the perfect fit for your family.

Adoption Fee: $50

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