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Meet Bluebelle

Meet Bluebelle

Colour/s Blue White
Sex Female
Age 7 Years 3 Months
Breed Staffordshire Terrier
Secondary Breed
Size Large
Animal ID 75845
Microchip Number 900113000090867
Location Sydney Shelter (Kemps Creek)

AWL NSW Rehoming Organisation Number: R251000222

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A Little Bit About Bluebelle

Open to live with catsOpen to live with cats
Open to meet dogsOpen to meet dogs
Suited to full-time workerSuited to full-time worker
Open to meet pet savvy kidsOpen to meet pet savvy kids
Bluebelle is a sweet and affectionate blue Staffordshire Terrier who is looking for a loving forever home. She is easily handled both on and off the lead and enjoys leisurely walks. Bluebelle is known for her loving nature and can be quite affectionate once she warms up to her human companions. While she can be initially unsure of some people, with patience and gentle interaction, she comes around and shows her true loving personality.

Bluebelle is okay with cats but requires a very slow introduction and careful management. It is important to ensure that interactions between Bluebelle and any feline friends are supervised and positive to foster a harmonious relationship. Bluebelle could live with another suitable dog in a home where resources are heavily managed, and behavior modification around resources is consistently practiced. If this setup is not possible, Bluebelle would thrive as the only dog in the home, with opportunities given for regular socialization with other dogs in a controlled environment.

Bluebelle is quite affectionate and loving with people she knows and trusts. She may be initially unsure of some individuals, but with time and positive interactions, she becomes more comfortable. She is suitable for a home with dog-savvy children where boundaries are set and maintained to ensure a harmonious relationship, would be perfect. An owner willing to manage and gradually introduce Bluebelle to new people and pets, ensuring she feels safe and secure, would be ideal.

In summary, Bluebelle is a truly sweet and loving Staffordshire Terrier who will make a fantastic companion for the right home. Her affectionate nature and manageable demeanor make her an excellent house dog for someone who enjoys leisurely walks and a relaxed lifestyle. With proper management of resources and patient introductions to new people and pets, Bluebelle will thrive and bring joy to her new family.

My adoption fee includes desexing, health check, microchipping, I am up-to-date with vaccinations and eligible for free lifetime registration.

Adoption Fee: $440

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