Help Animal Welfare League NSW assist with the NSW Bushfire Crisis

Animal Welfare League NSW CEO Mark Slater and Inspectors have been assisting in towns affected by bushfires on the mid-north coast of NSW.

“The last week has been gut-wrenching. Our hearts break for the communities who are facing unimaginable loss. But it is not enough to simply sit on the sidelines and wring our hands with concern. Animal Welfare League NSW is an organisation focused on real meaningful contributions to the animals of these communities to ensure a future for our rural families. We are part of a group of dedicated organisations focused on this very end.

I have spoken first hand with so many people affected by these enormous bush fires and it’s clear the devastation has already taken an enormous toll on these communities. I have helped to bathe and treat animals who miraculously survived though traumatized. However, my contribution is not enough.

We need help to ensure our hands stay dirty and we continue to provide support to these communities to our fullest capacity.

The longest journey is the journey of recovery and we cannot be as effective as we need to be for these communities without your help.

This is just the beginning of a long journey to recovery.

Right now we need your donations to keep our mobile vet clinic, inspectors and support staff on the ground in these communities where we can provide the greatest animal welfare solutions required.

We ask our generous supporters to please donate today. Click HERE and make your donation today to help us ensure the future of these rural communities.

We thank you all for your support.”.

Mark Slater
Animal Welfare League NSW

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