We’re thrilled to introduce our 2023 Christmas Wishlist, featuring 10 impactful gifts that offer love, care, and a second chance to animals in our shelter. This holiday season, join us in making it a compassionate Christmas! 

While Christmas is a joyous time for many, it can be particularly challenging for the animals in our care, as it marks our busiest period at the Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL NSW). Numerous surrendered and neglected animals need urgent attention, and our dedicated teams work tirelessly throughout this period to provide them with the care they deserve. 

Starting at just $15, there’s an opportunity for everyone to support us by purchasing from our Christmas Catalogue via our online store, or the option to donate an amount of your choice via our donation form, if you are in a position to do so. 

At AWL NSW every story of an animal being rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed, there’s a journey from hope to love. These stories serve as reminders of the resilience of the spirit and the transformative power of compassion, care and kindness. 

Please browse the Catalogue and choose a gift that resonates with you. By participating in this initiative, you play a crucial role in giving these animals a second chance at a new life. 

Thank you for your support of AWL NSW’s vital work. Your generosity is a major driving force behind our ability to rescue, rehabilitate, and find loving homes for these animals, making a significant difference in their lives.  

We wish you a joyful Christmas filled with warmth and compassion.