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As a charity, we rely heavily on the kindness from supporters to keep us going. The sad reality is that we are only able to help as many animals as we do due to the support we receive from our donors.

Help us save Cleo the Bulldog.

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Cleo the Bulldog Condition

As a charity, we rely heavily on the kindness from supporters to keep us going. The sad reality is that we are only able to help as many animals as we do due to the support we receive from our donors. These donations allow us to provide shelter, care and food for every animal that comes through our doors. In fact, more than 98% of our yearly funding relies on people like you to help our shelter and inspectors save animals who simply have no one else…We cannot bear to think what would happen to those who need us if we were not around to help… Who would you turn to? Who would you call? Where would they go?

When we struggle to get through some of the worst cases, it is kind supporters that give us the strength to keep on going. That’s why we’re asking you to make a tax-deductible donation to our Inspectorate team by 30th June 2019. Just a small donation will help us continue to answer the calls and cries for help to save pets who need urgent attention — pets like Cleo the Bulldog.

In November 2018, our Inspectorate team was notified of a white British Bulldog in desperate need of medical attention. A member of the public had seen Cleo’s condition and called AWL NSW in distress to place a cruelty report. Cleo was found in very poor condition, found in long un-kept grass which added to her severe flea infestation. Cleo’s ears were in horrific condition. Her ear canals were almost swollen shut and had sores that oozed foul-smelling pus and blood. This was the result of a long-standing infection that was only ever treated with fly spray, and never tested for anything more sinister – despite getting worse. Her eyes were red and sore-covered in thick, yellow discharge. Her skin hot to touch, her knee caps partially dislocating and causing pain. Her teats were enlarged from previous litters and her nails long enough to curl. Her teeth misaligned, fur missing from her legs and tail, and she was extremely underweight. Everything about Cleo’s physical condition needed care.

AWL NSW Inspector Rowe visited the property multiple times over two months. After Inspector Rowe attempted to assist the owner through education, it was deemed that the owner was unable to comply with written directions – specifically in relation to the ongoing medical treatment Cleo desperately needed. Working with our Inspectorate, the owner of Cleo decided to do the best thing, surrender her into our care.

Cleo’s journey to health began with a multitude of medical tests when she first arrived at the AWL NSW veterinary clinic. The AWL NSW vet team started a plan immediately to try and relieve her from her discomfort. This plan consisted of receiving an antifungal wash three times a week, three different types of eye medications – some needed as frequently as four times a day, twice-daily medications to treat her skin infections, daily (strong) allergy medication to calm her itchy skin, specialist appointments and specially compounded ear ointments to treat her stubborn and severe ear infections. All this in addition to the standard full gamete of blood tests, vaccination, worming and flea control. Some of her medical tests required Cleo to be anaesthetised which in itself was challenging as Bulldogs can suffer from poor airways and breathing, making the anesthetic procedure riskier. The veterinary team worked carefully and quickly to perform their tests while Cleo was anaesthetised.

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Cleo the Bulldog

Cleo’s eyes were diagnosed with ‘dry eye’ which is common in Bulldogs. Cleo’s case meant her eyes could barely produce a single tear and she was prone to getting ulcers. Thick yellow discharge was cleaned away from her eyes, revealing large white scars evident from years of neglect. X-rays were also performed, revealing Cleo also has hip dysplasia which means her hips don’t fit properly in their sockets. This has caused osteoarthritis in both joints – bringing even more suffering to Cleo AND to add to this, her knee caps were found to be prone to dislocating. Cleo has started on a course of injections, as well as some anti-inflammatory pain relief to improve the health and mobility of her joints. Cleo fast became a favourite with the vet team. Despite the intensity of her treatment, there was no shortage of volunteers to spend time with Cleo in the vet clinic, and she would often spend her days in the vet’s office, sitting right by their feet. Cleo would plonk on laps wherever possible and gave lots of gorgeous bulldog-slobbery kisses. Her sweet demeanour was infectious to anyone who met her.

You may believe that Cleo’s story is unique, but sadly our Inspectorate team investigate concerns like this every single day. When you donate today, you will be helping the abandoned and neglected animals that rely on us to save them from the harsh elements of winter. Please donate to help provide our shelter animals with everything they need to get them through this bitterly cold winter.

Cleo is still in the care of our veterinary team, being monitored closely by the nurses she has grown so fond of. On the 6th of June, Cleo will celebrate her sixth birthday, and while she may not spend it with a loving family, Cleo will be spoilt by the veterinary team that love her, the ones that are helping her recover from her neglect, and by the Inspectors who responded to the plea for help.

We wish we didn’t have to respond to cruelty reports. We wish we didn’t have to have an Inspectorate team. We wish animals like Cleo didn’t need to suffer as they do … but until animals stop needing us, we promise to be there to save them – with your support.

If you can, please consider a donation, no matter how small.
Every dollar helps our Inspectors continue to save lives like Cleo. She needed us, and we were there for her thanks to you!

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