For anyone who adopts a rescue cat or dog from a NSW council pound, animal shelter or rehoming organisation.

The NSW Office of Local Government has announced free lifetime pet registration for rescue pet adoptions to encourage more families to consider adopting their next pet dog or cat. This is just one strategy to try and reduce the number of homeless pets hoping to be adopted from pounds and shelters across the state.

Animal Welfare League NSW applauds this initiative which aims to see more rescue pets find adoptive homes, as well as assist to decrease euthanasia statistics as more families opt for desexed pets through rehoming organisations.

Members of the public can simply use the ‘buyer search’ function on the NSW Pet Registry website to verify a Rehoming Organisation Number and confirm eligibility of the offer.

The NSW Government is committed to ensuring animals are well looked after throughout their lives and are determined to help deliver the best animal welfare standards, while recognising the critical role rehoming organisations play in rehoming rescue pets – especially during increases of demand during COVID-19.

In 2015, the NSW Government introduced a 50 per cent discount on lifetime pet registration fees for people who rescue dogs and cats from council pounds and animal shelters, which was extended to include rehoming organisations in 2018. So far, more than 60,000 pet owners have saved over $1.8 million in reduced pet registration fees. To encourage even more pet adoptions, free lifetime pet registration has been introduced for people who adopt a rescue dog or cat.

General lifetime pet registration fees will increase by $5 to fund free pet registration for rescue pets, however, this will not apply to eligible pensioners.


The NSW Government has also introduced $80 annual permits for owners of non-desexed cats to encourage desexing to prevent unwanted litters, and lesson the burden on pounds and shelters.

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