The unbelievable state of Harley will shock you.

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“I am writing to you today with my story. The fight of my life. Just one more day, just one more breath, if I keep breathing, I will make it through today. My body aches, my heart is slowing down. I think I am going to die, there is no one to love me, no one to cry or say their goodbyes. My name is Harley. I am all alone, I think I am going to die.” – Harley.

I received a call from Chief Inspector Stimson. She was distressed, trying to work out what to do with a severely emaciated dog that was covered from head to toes in fleas on the brink of death.

There was a knock at the door “Animal Welfare League NSW” someone finally heard my cries, they said to me “you will be okay buddy, I am taking you to the vet”. They picked me up, my mere 5.94 kilograms. When we arrived at the vets it was the best day of my life, I got so many pats. I felt love, I didn’t care what happened anymore.”

Harley was surrendered to Chief Inspector Stimson. Harley was immediately rushed to the vet, knowing that his life was at risk. He was in the fight of his life. It was clear Harley was a fighter already surviving against the odds.

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Mark Slater
Chief Executive Officer
Animal Welfare League NSW.

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