Animal Welfare League NSW Inspectors need your support to continue helping animals across NSW.

Animal Welfare League NSW has been caring for animals for 61 years, responding to calls for help and rescuing animals from cruelty and neglect. We are proud to offer the services of our shelters, veterinary hospital, behaviour team, foster care network and volunteer branches across NSW – all supported by the vital work of the Animal Welfare League NSW Inspectorate team.

Please help us fight to continue saving animals in crisis who rely on the work of Animal Welfare League NSW Inspectors to save them from cruelty and neglect.

Simply complete the below survey to help us understand the public perception of Animal Welfare League NSW Inspectors, and to see how we can improve our work assisting the animals in your community.

Your valuable feedback will help us continue to educate the community on the vital work of our Inspectorate and identify areas of concern where additional communication may be required.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

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Mark Slater
Chief Executive Officer
Animal Welfare League NSW

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