Animals are not rubbish

Animals are not rubbish

Animal Welfare League appeal aims for $65,000 to boost emergency vet care

The Animal Welfare League NSW has launched an appeal to raise $65,000 to boost its emergency vet care – after battling to save a litter of kittens dropped in a dumpster.

The AWL’s Autumn Appeal has the theme “Animals are not rubbish”.

The appeal highlights the AWL’s work to save four newborn kittens who were rescued from a supermarket dumpster in western Sydney last November.

After the kittens were rescued by local couple Mark Bagnall and Jackie Bird and brought to the AWL’s Kemps Creek Vet Clinic, AWL vets worked day and night to save them – using tiny droppers and a surrogate cat mother.

Tragically, one of the kittens died despite these efforts. But the other three, now four months old, have survived – and one of them has been adopted by Mark and Jackie.

Says AWL NSW Acting Chief Executive Dr Jon Berkowitz: “Every day, we’re called on to save the lives of mistreated, neglected and abandoned animals like those poor little kittens, and rebuild their future.

“Our vets, behaviourists, shelter teams and foster carers work all hours to care for these animals and find loving new homes for them.

“This work would be impossible without donations from the community. We’re aiming to raise $65,000 by the end of April – so we can boost our vet care and other services.

“We’re asking for the people of NSW to help us give these animals a second chance.” Please make an online donation today.