Building new lives for neglected animals

Building new lives for neglected animals

The Animal Welfare League NSW (AWLNSW) has launched its Winter Appeal to raise $95,000 for helping neglected animals – like little Petey (above), rescued from an owner who tied him up and left him in excruciating pain.

Chained up outside with just filthy water and dry bread to survive on, Petey was literally wasting away – because his owner couldn’t be bothered to take him to the vet.

After a tip-off from a concerned member of the public, an AWLNSW Inspector went to investigate. He found Petey, skinny and frightened, with a terribly dirty coat, covered in fleas.

Rushed to the AWL veterinary hospital at Kemps Creek (western Sydney), it was discovered Petey had an inflamed and infected wound on his belly. He’d been in a lot of pain and suffering from anaemia.  Another few days and he might not have survived.

But AWL vets were able to operate on Petey and nurse him through the crisis. He was also looked after by carers – many of them volunteers – at AWLNSW’s Kemps Creek Shelter.

Today, Petey is well on the road back to health – and learning to trust people again.

His former owner was fined $500 for animal neglect.

Says AWLNSW Acting CEO Dr Jon Berkowitz:  “There are still thousands more animals suffering like Petey did, who urgently need help. We’re counting on the people of NSW to give us a hand.”

Donations to AWLNSW will help to pay for:

  • the petrol to keep AWLNSW  inspectors on the road
  • the kind of urgent veterinary care that brought Petey back from the brink
  • the daily food and shelter, dedicated rehabilitation work, and foster care that animals like Petey need while they recover.

“Your donations will help save the lives of these animals”, says Dr Berkowitz, “and find them new homes with people who will give them the love every animal deserves.”