Cruel Animal Testing Ends

Cruel Animal Testing Ends

In a historic milestone on the 14th February 2019, the Australian Senate passed the Government’s Industrial Chemical Bill 2017.

In partnership with Humane Society International (HIS), the Australian Government detailed the commitment to 11 substantial reinforcing measures, including the prohibition of new animal test data for chemicals introduced into Australian for use as ingredients in cosmetics. It is estimated that around 500,000 animals – including rabbits and rodents are used each year around the world for cosmetic testing.

Australia will no longer accept the results of animal testing as proof of a product’s safety or effectiveness for the use of humans.

There are multiple alternatives to testing cosmetics on animals including the use of computer data and laboratory created tissues.

With the newly passed bill, Australia joins the European Union, Canada, and Brazil in banning animal testing in cosmetics.

Animal Welfare League NSW CEO Mark Slater “Animal testing is unethical and ineffective; there are multiple ways to test products that prevent any pain or suffering from being incurred by these poor innocent animals. I am ecstatic this bill has been passed, to prevent future pain being inflicted.”

Animal Welfare League NSW is thrilled with the outcome and hopes that this envisions a brighter future for all animals.

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