Innocent pet dog found shot and skinned

Innocent pet dog found shot and skinned

Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) Inspectors are calling for the public to provide information about a disturbing case of cruelty, involving the skinning of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

A passing motorist made the shocking discovery near the Hume Highway on-ramp at Raby Road near Raby in South West Sydney, when they pulled over to check on a dog that appeared to have been hit by a car. Upon closer inspection, they were horrified to realise that they were looking at the pelt of a dog who had been skinned.

AWL Inspectors were contacted, and are now investigating the case.

The AWL Veterinary team have examined the pelt, and confirmed that it had been removed by hand, and was not a case of roadkill. There is a small hole in the forehead that appears to be from either a bolt gun or sharp instrument indicating that the dog was likely killed prior to this shocking action taking place.

“We are baffled about the origins of the pelt and can only speculate on the reason for this shocking cruelty case. The pelt was removed in a manner that indicates they had done this before. Part of the pelt had been cut off so the possibility of it being used for taxidermy is unlikely. How or why the pelt ended up on the side of a main highway is unknown.” said AWL Chief Inspector Ian Hughes.

“It could be the work of a disturbed individual or it could be linked to an underground market for dog meat – we simply don’t know at this time. We are deeply concerned about the treatment of this dog, and it also raises questions about how many other dogs have been subject to the same treatment.” added Inspector Hughes.

If the case is related to dog meat, most people would be surprised to learn that it’s not illegal to eat dog and cat meat in NSW. However, under the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, there are strict guidelines around the euthanasia of domestic animals. Aggravated cruelty towards an animal currently has a maximum penalty of up to $22,000, two years imprisonment, or both.

Anyone with information about this case, is urged to call AWL Inspectors on 02 8899 3333 or submit a cruelty report online at www.awlnsw.com.au