Search for owner of neglected pup

Search for owner of neglected pup

Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL NSW) is calling for the public to help track down the owner of a severely neglected puppy who was found wandering the streets of Hoxton Park yesterday.

The 5 month old puppy, who has been named Mickey by the AWL NSW team, was found wandering by the local postman near Coonabarabran Crescent, Hoxton Park and handed to AWL NSW Inspectors.

Mickey is in a shocking state, suffering from a severe case of Demodex mange and is also malnourished.

“This is the worst case of Demodex mange I’ve seen in the seven years I’ve been an Inspector with AWL NSW. To watch a puppy slowly and painfully deteriorate to a condition as shocking as this, is a deliberate act of cruelty. The person responsible for this needs to be found.” said AWL NSW Inspector Ian Hughes.

The mange is so severe, the AWL NSW team estimates it would have taken months to get to this state, meaning this poor pup has been uncomfortable most of his life.

“Demodex mange is caused by mites, and simple veterinary treatment at onset would have prevented months of discomfort for this poor pup.” added Inspector Hughes.

Mickey is now safe in the care of the AWL NSW Veterinary Team, who will begin the slow process of treatment and bringing him back to full health, which will take several months and lots of love and care.

Anyone with information about the owners of this pup, is asked to call the AWL NSW Inspectors on 02 8899 3333 or submit a cruelty report online at www.awlnsw.com.au