Wandering Dane

Wandering Dane

Hunt for owner of wandering Dane

Animal Welfare League treat dog found in “shocking state”

The Great Dane in the care of the Animal Welfare League vet clinic, Kemps Creek

The Animal Welfare League NSW (AWL) is trying to find the owner of a Great Dane found wandering on the road at North St Marys, western Sydney, in very poor condition.

The dog was found by Penrith Council inspectors and handed over to AWL Inspector Ian Hughes – who said: “He was in a shocking state – virtually starving, with painful skin conditions.”

The dog was rushed to the AWL vet clinic at Kemps Creek where he is now under treatment.

Says Mr Hughes: “He has no microchip, so we haven’t been able to locate the owner yet.

“We need to find out how long this dog been at large, where he’s come from, and how he came to be wandering the road in such a state.

“We’re concerned at the strong indications he’s been badly neglected for some time.

“The most important thing is the wellbeing of the dog – thankfully he’s in expert hands now and will get the best care possible from here on.”

The dog has been given antiobiotics, washed and well fed and remains under close care.

Anyone with information about the origins of the dog has been asked to call the AWL on (02) 8899-3333 or email our Inspectors