As a cat lover and National AWLA Ambassador, I’m thrilled to be involved in the PURINA ONE and AWLA campaign, Novempurr 2018 and support the 21 Day Program again this year! AWL NSW has partnered with PURINA ONE again for the second year of Novempurr, an initiative launched to raise awareness of cat health and wellbeing.

During Novempurr we are calling on all cat owners to check-in on their cat’s health, by learning the six visible signs of a healthy cat and the positive impact advanced nutrition can have on their overall health and wellbeing.

With new research from PURINA ONE finding that an estimated 40 per cent of Australian cats are overweight or obese, the focus this year is on healthy weight and how it’s important to ensure your furry friends aren’t tipping the scales towards weight-related health problems. If your tabby is looking a little tubby, it may be time to talk to your vet about healthy weight management and how to help them get to their optimum weight.

If you’re taking part in the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program, I’ve popped my top six tips together below to help you see the noticeable differences in your cat’s health!

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1. Body Condition
Cats vary in size due to gender and breed, so observing and feeling a cat’s body are useful tools in assessing their body condition. If you have to apply pressure to feel their ribs your cat may be overweight and if their bones are jutting out they may be underweight. Another good test is if you can see a “waist” behind the ribs when you take a look at your cat from above.

2. Digestion
Healthy cats love to eat! As a guide, most cats like to graze, eating regular, small meals at least four times daily, so if your cat has lost its appetite, it could be a sign that your cat is sick. Toilet habits are also another aspect of digestion. Small, firm stools are a sign that improved nutrition is making a difference to your cat’s health.

3. Skin, Coat & Eyes
A shiny coat that is well groomed and good skin, is another sign of health in cats, and something to keep an eye out in your cat during Novempurr. Normal, healthy skin colour ranges from pale pink through to shades of black, but the coat should always be smooth and free from dandruff. Clear, bright eyes which are free of discharge are also a sign your cat is in tip top shape!

4. Immune System
A healthy cat is usually alert and curious about their environment, and anything new they might encounter. A good appetite and a cat that keeps themselves well groomed is a good sign! There are some outward signs that indicate robust good health and a healthy immune system including healthy gums, strong muscles, alert posture, and generally active and energetic presence.

5. Dental Health
Healthy teeth and gums are a key indicator of a cat’s health, especially as chewing is vital for the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. Check your cat’s teeth regularly for plaque and tartar build-up, and be sure that they visit the vet on a routine basis for a thorough dental check-up.

6. Bone and joint health
Although we think of bones and joints as static, or completely developed once adulthood is reached, they are constantly restructuring themselves so it’s important that we’re giving our cats the nutrients their bones and joints need. Sign of healthy bone and joint health in your furry friend include the ability to climb stairs, jump up or play and having a normal range of motion and flexibility.

For more information on Novempurr or if you want to sign your furry friend up to the PURINA ONE 21 Day Program, it’s not too late! Head over to and sign up!

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