• Choose balanced diets suitable for your cat’s age. Kittens need high protein for energy. Older cats often need lower calories because they’re less active
  • See what Animal Welfare League NSW has to offer – we have quality animal food at competitive prices at our shelter and vet clinic. What you spend with us will help support our work
  • Animal Welfare League NSW believes that cats should be fed high-quality cat food. We sell balanced diets that are right for your cat’s age
  • Check with your vet about any special needs your cat may have – like a sensitive stomach or skin, control of weight or furballs
  • Don’t overfeed your cat. If cats get too fat this can make them very unhealthy
  • Kittens should be fed small meals regularly, perhaps three or four times a day. By around six months old, a cat can start eating two meals a day
  • If you have other animals, feed them separately – this can reduce conflict

What to avoid

  • We don’t recommend home-prepared diets for cats – they’re usually short of important things cats need, and they can risk the health of the cat
  • Avoid feeding a cat table scraps – they can be high in calories, making your cat fat and unhealthy
  • Avoid oriental lilies as these can cause serious illness to cats
  • Avoid cooked bones or large animal bones – these can shatter and cause serious illness

Where to feed your cat

Set up a regular feeding spot for your cat. Undercover in a quiet place where there’s not too much noise or people moving through. Don’t change this place unless it’s absolutely necessary. Don’t encourage your cat to feed anywhere else.

Cats need water

Make sure your cat’s water bowl is kept full and fresh. Don’t try to make your cat drink more than it wants to. Do not give your cat or kitten milk.

More about feeding cats

Purina makes high-quality cat food and are a partner of Animal Welfare League NSW – visit the Purina website today. Pet food and products are available from the Animal Welfare League shelter and Veterinary hospital.

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