Weight gain is a BIG problem for our pets.

Is your pet overweight or obese?

If so, you are not alone! It is not just the human population that are suffering from unprecedented rates of obesity. Pets are too, with over 40% of dogs and over 30% of cats in Australia estimated to be clinically overweight or obese.

Unfortunately, this is not just a cosmetic problem. Extra weight presents a significant danger to a pet’s health. Overweight pets face increased risks of serious diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, painful osteoarthritis and urinary disease.

What’s more, people who over-feed their pets may actually be shortening their pet’s lifespan. Studies have shown that dogs who maintain an ideal weight can live two years longer than dogs whose diets and weights are not controlled.

Many of us don’t realise that our pets have a weight problem, and even when we do, we may not be aware of how much it can affect their health and well-being.

What are the signs of an overweight pet?

  1. Difficult to feel his / her ribs or spine
  2. Difficult to see a defined waist
  3. Abdomen is sagging

When people want to lose weight, they usually do so by eating healthy food in the right amounts and exercising regularly. The same is true for our pets. They need specific foods to help them lose weight without missing out on the essential nutrients they require for good health. Reducing their normal food, for example by half, rather than using a specific weight management food means you will also be halving their protein and risking reducing essential nutrients such as calcium and essential fatty acids. This is not good in the long term and can lead to malnutrition.

Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight is a breakthrough weight management food, scientifically developed to work with your dogs’ unique biology to help burn fat & maintain a healthy body weight for a long, happy life. It is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, including high protein, high fibre, L-carnitine and coconut oil to help support your pet’s metabolism for healthy weight maintenance. In a clinical study, over 70% of cats and dogs lost weight within 10 weeks when fed this nutrition.4 Hill’s Science Diet Perfect Weight is complete and balanced for adult maintenance and can continue to be fed to your pet once they reach their goal weight, it is also ideal for multi-pet households even where pets are of differing breeds and weights. It is available for both dogs and cats in a dry and canned formula.

If you think your pet is overweight, you should consult your Veterinarian regarding which food is best for your pet.

Signs your best friend may be overweight or obese

Does your cat… Does your dog…
Often appear tired and lazy?
Hesitate when jumping onto furniture?
Have difficulty grooming properly?
Have matted hair on the back or tail area?
Resist playing games?
Often appear tired and lazy?
Lag behind on walks?
Pant constantly?
Need help getting in the car?
Resist playing games?
Bark without getting up?


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