Animal Welfare League NSW would encourage those seeking a fancy puppy with a fancy price tag to consider adopting from their local rescue or shelter instead. You’ll receive all the love from a dog who needs a second chance, with a more realistic adoption fee and often with all of their vet work done!
The cultural shift that went around Australia following the COVID-19 lockdowns saw a massive spike in the demand for companion animals. City slickers ditched the office to head home in droves. People rediscovered the true essence of downtime and put a pause on modern-day distractions that deviated from the quintessential family time. A picture-perfect family portrait was no longer plausible without a pet finding its pride of place. People queued up in the pet market and ‘designer dog’s became highly sought-after, raking in the big bucks. The country got hooked on to the ‘pandemic puppy’, some lucky canines perhaps coming only third behind toilet paper and masks on everybody’s ‘To-Buy’ list!
There is a good reason why more than 60% of Australian households include at least one companion animal, with dogs and cats most common. Statistics say 88% of households see pets as ‘family members’. Apartment living has failed to put a damper on the city dwellers’ longing for a pet by their side. According to recent newspaper reports and word from within the community, people are forking out exorbitant amounts of money to bring home a dog to keep them company as they continue to work from home or prefer to go part-time.
At Animal Welfare League NSW, we think that the joys of having a pet can come without a fancy price tag. There are thousands of shelter animals waiting for their forever homes, and to find that special someone that would give them a second chance in life. Many of our animals at the shelter have been rescued from cruelty and neglect, some having never known the loving embrace of a kind heart.
AWL NSW’s Barking Mad Dog Adoptions continue till the end of April. Adopt an adult dog for just $150 at the Kemps Creek shelter today, and bring home happiness.



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