Calling all Puppy Owners!

Animal Welfare League NSW is excited to announce that we are now running puppy preschool classes! Our classes are 6 weeks long with a FREE orientation week. These small classes of 4-6 pups will be run by one of our Behaviour Trainers and will provide plenty of personalised attention.

Why does my puppy need to go to school?

Picking up a new puppy can be one of the most exciting days in your life, however, it can often be the hardest day of your puppy’s short life as they experience a new family and environment for the very first time. It doesn’t take long for things to start to veer away from the picture-perfect image of the well-behaved dog that you imagined. That’s where the help and support of a professional can help.

Puppy classes can provide both you and your new puppy with a ready-made group of friends to support each other as you face the challenges of puppyhood together. The classes take place during your pup’s critical learning period in a safe, positive and controlled environment.

What will I learn?

The secret that noone mentions are that puppy classes are really for you and that your puppies will learn as a by-product of your new knowledge. There is so much more to socialising a puppy than just bombarding them with new experiences. Puppy classes teach you how to maximise your socialisation opportunities while still living your normal life. They can also provide carefully-controlled socialisation opportunities that you will not find anywhere else. Your Instructor will teach you how your dog learns and how to communicate with your puppy so that they know what you want from them.

A confused puppy is a naughty puppy, and you will learn how to read your pup’s body language so that you can learn how to communicate more effectively with your new furry member. This skill is necessary when socialising your puppy, especially when introducing them to new people and dogs. Most of all, you will learn that dog training is just a continuous set of fun games that allow you to let go of your stress and play in the moment with your puppy. It’s fun!

What will my puppy learn?

Your puppy will learn how easy it is to make you do things like give him treats and play with him. He will learn context cues, meaning that certain things you do predict an opportunity to do something to earn a reward. In other instances, all he has to do is wait until he hears a word (or signal) that means he is eligible for a reward and then do the behaviour associated with it. He may even start to offer some behaviours, such as a sit, because he knows they pay well. He’ll start paying you lots of attention which is a great foundation for when you start to take him out into the real world.

How do we get started?

AWL NSW puppy preschool classes are held on Sundays at the AWL NSW Kemps Creek Vet Clinic (1605 Elizabeth Drive, Kemps Creek). Our puppy preschool program features a non-linear, topics-based curriculum which means new pawrents can enrol their puppy at any time! An orientation class is held at 1pm for new attendees to welcome them to the program, and this introduction class happens without the puppy.

At 2pm, regular puppy classes are run. Class lessons are based around real-life scenarios to maximise the value away from the classroom and include:

  • Socialisation with people, new environments and other puppies
  • Basic cues with their real-life applications
  • Co-operative care for Vet visits and grooming
  • Loose-leash walking and recalls
  • Aggression prevention
  • Reading dog body language

To ensure that attendees can get the most out of their classes, our puppy pre-school program has a maximum class limit of 6 puppies per lesson so bookings are essential to avoid missing out. The cost of the 6-week program is $180.

Don’t delay. Book today!  To book, contact our Behaviour Trainer Karen Riddell on:

  • Phone: 02 8777 4446
  • Email:

Still have questions? Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch today!

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